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Mr. Bee's Tees

Mr. "Bee" Butters, C.E.O

Mr. "Bee" Butters and the artist, Tracy Rose

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Mr. Bee's Tees offers completely personalized artwork- everything from drawings & paintings to t-shirts, coffee mugs, & tote bags.

Bride (pronounced "breed") the Rat Terrier

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Bride, drawn from the picture of Bride --->

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Oil Pastel Drawing of Yolanda's Sassy

Photograph of Yolanda's Sassy


~Tee Shirts- High Quality Hanes 50/50 shirts, colored with Fabric Markers:
  *Simple, cartoon design- $20
  *Designs featuring background coloring     (such as our Warholesque design)- $25 + up

~100% Cotton Tote Bags:
  *One Side- $12
  *Two Sides- $18

~Baseball Caps- $12

~Enamel Painted Coffee Mugs-$15

~Enamel Painted Plates- $15

~Oil Pastel Portraits-$45

  *Simple, cartoon print on 8 x 10 Canvas-  $30
  *Warholesque Design- $40

Fabric lettering is $3.00 extra on all totes and tees.  Handwritten lettering is complimentary.

Mr. Bee's Sister, Miss Eleanor Rigby
Rigby prefers lounging and being pretty, leaving all the work to her brother, the CEO

This is a full design tee- $25.00
This is Tasha, catching shells on the beach.

This month's special- Take $5 off Oil Pastel Dog Portraits!

Oil Pastel Portrait of Mitzi
This portrait was drawn using a photo emailed to the artist!

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Rigby models a t-shirt of Bella the Dachshund
This is a simple design tee- only $20, completely personalized!

This is a deluxe tote (huge, with zipper)- add $5.
Personalized Rigby and Butters' tote- down to her harness and his blue collar!

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